The Rules

Desert Island Who is a podcast based on the popular British radio show, Desert Island Discs. For those who are unaware of what this is, here is a rundown of the rules.

Each episode, guests pick the 8 Doctor Who stories they would take if they were cast away on a desert island. Each choice will prompt a discussion on why they have chosen it and about how they got into Doctor Who. Trial of a Time Lord counts as one story, and Utopia counts as part of a three-parter with The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords. Recons of missing episodes are permitted if the guest so desires. Guests can only pick stories they have seen. The guest also gets to choose one book (this can be fiction or non-fiction, but no novelisations of TV stories, however the Shada novelisation is permitted as the episode was never aired) and one “other”. For the other, anything from action figures, original audios, music soundtracks, bonus features, webcasts or anything else from the world of Doctor Who is permitted. Mini episodes, for example Night of the Doctor, are permitted as an other, not an episode.

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